Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Round and round we go

Hello.  I'm not going mad, in case you were wondering.  It's those ladies over at Less is More, wanting a card with a round and round theme.

So I thought laterally for once and tried to be a bit different. 

I cut a circle with my Cuttlebug with a smaller C plate than usual then finished the bowl with a craft knife.  You may be able to spot the clear thread he is suspended by.  So he does actually spin on the spot, as well as theoretically swim round and round.

It's actually inspired by another crafty project I did this week.  We were recreating a country fair for a holiday club for the elderly that we run at church, with all the typical side shows that they would remember.  We had Hook a Duck, Splat the Rat, Tin Can Alley, Hoop-La and Win a Fish.  This last one is where you have to get a ping pong ball to land (and stay) inside one of the jamjars.  I made goldfish like this one above, added the thread and then suspended them inside a small clear bag, which I blew air into to puff it up.  So it looked like a fish in a bag but without the water.  The ladies loved it and all took one home, promising to look after it carefully :-)


  1. This is a lovely card. Made me smile!

  2. Brilliant idea, love the card.

  3. This is absolutely brilliant! What a terrific card! I love it!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  4. Oh, Pat, you are adorable! I love your suspended fish going round and round and I hope you get showcased! I was smiling all over my face at you putting suspended goldies in a baggie and blowing them up ... and the ladies looking after them carefully. You just made my day!!

    Thank you, my friend, for your sweet get well wishes! I'm taking it easy and only making cards and blog visits. Mister is waiting on me hand and foot. Oh, wait, he does that everyday! I'm a lucky, lucky girl!

  5. Just brilliant Pat.... Tis card will definitely be showcased !! It's so cute and CAS and I love the idea of recreating funfair side shows for the lady club :0)
    Jenny x


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