Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Colour challenge

Happy Tuesday to you all.

I'm feeling very brave today.  I caught a large frog in a box and took it to the lake, to prevent my two cats pursuing it round the garden.  It was squeaking like a guinea pig, which is quite distressing to hear.  The cats don't actually work as a team, for which I'm glad, otherwise we'd have even more half dead wildlife in the kitchen than we currently do.  Butterflies are their latest craze, straight from the buddhlia into the house.

Anyway, you didn't come here to hear about that, you want to see a card.  I hope you won't be disappointed having made you wait for a whole paragraph.

This week's Less is More challenge is a colour inspiration, some lovely autumny colours.

thankful tones
So here's my little offering, inspired by Lisa Addesa's many creations, but this one in particular.  Lisa is such an inspired talented lady with so many new ideas, I have to check her blog every day, just in case I miss another gem.
I still love this Memory Box tree die.  Cut in white, coloured with markers, then layered with about four more white trees for depth, then coloured the sides of the layers with the markers.  If it sounds like going at it the long way round, you're right.  Next time I'll cut the underlayers in the brown and just do the top layer in white and colour the sections.  But hey why do something the easy way when you can make life hard for yourself.
I spent ages matching my pens to the colours in the picture, then my camera decided it knew best and made them all look slightly different.
My crafty friend Jennie is coming round tonight to plan a card project for my craft group in a coupleof weeks.  Should be fun.
Have a great week.  Bye.



  1. This is lovely :) I think you efforts in matching the colors paid off. Also, just a suggection you can play this card for CAS(E) this sketch!! challenge this week :D

  2. Oh this is gorgeous Pat, those colours just fit perfectly and I love stacking up dies for depth... such a brilliant effect :0)
    Jenny x

  3. Well you've done Lisa proud with this one as its a beauty! How clever to stack the die cuts as you have. It looks perfect. My cat hunts frogs and mice and always seems to have to bring them home to show us how clever he is! Jo x

  4. I really like the glossy effect you have given the tree - lovely card!


  5. This is beautiful - definitely worth the effort!

  6. Beautiful sympathy card, great use of the colours too.

  7. This looks just lovely Pat!
    Thanks so much
    "Less is More"

  8. pat this is a lovely card

    Thanks for joining us this week
    Jen x
    "Less Is More"

  9. What a great idea to use the colours like this! This is a beautiful card eor such an occassion...

  10. Just catching up with my commenting and this is such a great idea and the colours are so beautiful x

  11. This is pretty, Pat! What a super idea for the color challenge and how great that you incorporated the tree photo, too! I had to chuckle about getting the markers to match and then the photo skewing up the colors. Been there. Better to shrug and chuckle than burst into tears, which I know I would have done as a much younger woman!!


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