Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Feel Better Soon

Hi, sorry I've been absent.  Life seems so busy at the moment.

Very quick post today, my submission for Less is More.  It's one layer week and we've been asked for a get well soon card.

This is my current favourite GWS card, I think it's cute.

The greeting does seem to have faded since I stamped it, think I should have done it in black.  Oh well.

Bye, must dash.


  1. Your sticking plaster card is clever Pat! I know exactly what you mean about busy... sometimes life just creeps up behinds you with surprises! Hope all is well. Vicky x

  2. What a terrific idea for this card...very inventive.
    Thanks so much
    Less is More

  3. Oh, Pat, this is the BEST! I haven't seen the showcase, but I sure hope you are in it! You deserve to be with this clever get well card!!


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